Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sophie. start of 2017

With the new grazing and actual flat area suitable for riding, I've been able to bring Sophie back into work properly.

Started with giving her hooves a trim.

Then lunged her 

Then lastly I rode her. This girl is a sweetheart!! Although in saying that she's very picky on who she trusts and let's handle her. But we have a good bond and she tries for me. 

Sophie is learning that she is no longer a racehorse and im in the process of retraining her. At the moment she is learning to relax, lower her head and accept my leg. She did really well today despite the wind, she was nice and relaxed. The most challenging thing with her at the moment is to accept my leg. Every time my leg is on (even very lightly) she puts her ears back, and tenses through her back. But we are making progress!! 

I am keeping her at a walk and trot for now until she is relaxed and accepting my leg. Then we will move onto canter. She is a very sensitive mare but has heaps of potential. 


Kelsea Allen said...

She is a very beautiful horse! I'm sure you will do great getting her to relax, already sounds like you are.

Dom said...

She is very cute! I'm glad she's starting to trust you :)