Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cheap turnout tips: One for the coat.

In my job we have to get the racehorses looking like a million bucks!!  As good as it's possible to get a horse to look. I've learnt heaps of turnout tips, that are super duper cheap and thought I might share them with you guys.
Today's tip is for their coats.
People spend so much money on really expensive shampoos and sprays to get that sleek shiny coat on their horse.
These things can really pricey.
At work we buy the cheapest cooking spray from the supermarket....
Spray that all over your horse's coat,

Then brush it in and your done.

It's costs $1-$3 dollars. Makes your horse's coat shiny and looking amazing.
Doesn't take a lot of work.
It also doesn't make the saddle area or the reins slippery!!

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Kelsea Allen said...

I will defiantly have try that on my horses!!