Friday, February 3, 2017

DubT adventures - ft Spud.

The other day on my evening ride on Spud we went on a little adventure.

It started off just being a quick fitness workout on the road. 
But we got to the end of our road, and I decided to carry on and see where we ended up.  
The road is a dead end with a big lake and a Go Kart/Speedboat racing event centre at the bottom of the road. We went past the lake and there was a track which we followed. 
This track took us around the event centre and into a bush/forest. 

We followed the track which went underneath the bridge of the main highway.

From there it took us to the big sports centre on the outskirts of my town which most people who live there call DubT. 
It was the perfect place for a gallop!! (it's way bigger than it looks) 

To get out of here we had to jump over this little barrier. 

From there we were in town. We went down the main street, and past a few parks. 

And followed the track to the beach. 
We didn't actually go onto the beach because I wanted to be back well before the sun started going down. 

My little legend off a pony had to cross this scary bridge with traffic coming past pretty close. He didn't even hesitate!!! So much love for my boy. 

Then on the way home I stopped him at the lookout looking over the town we just rode through.  

It ended up being quite a long ride so Goldrush got the day off. 
Much love for my legend of a pony. 


Kelsea Allen said...

That looks like you had a fun adventure!!

KateRose said...

Sounds like a great ride! I'm jealous you are close enough to ride to a beach

Carly said...

What an awesome "trail" find!

Dom said...

This is my kind of adventure! Good pony, Spud!

4RRanch said...

Wow, what a fun ride. A bit different than the trails I have.