Saturday, February 11, 2017

Track photos, Ondebuet and my favourites!!

I have 6 favourite horses at the track. Because they are my favourites I have ended up being their main rider, and even though they aren't my personal horses, you get pretty close to them and they nicker out when they see me.
I thought I would introduce them and show a few photos of me riding round the track.

Of course Sundy is one of them. I have written a post all about her so I'll just share a few photos for those of you that missed it.

Art Deco:
So much love for this horse. She is very fast and very good. She is the sweetest mare, doesn't really pull. I learnt to ride track work on her and had my first half pace gallop on her. She's been turned out for about 7 months now and just recently came back in. Before she was turned out she won her race by 16 lengths. 

Silver Lady :
I don't think this horse is going to make it much longer as a racehorse, she's a good galloper but not quite talented enough for our, only-the-best stables. Asides from her annoying habit of tending to run/lay out shes very quiet and steady and super fun to ride. I've done a jumpout on this girl and learnt heaps on her. Not to mention her colouring is really pretty.  

Scoota Brown: 
I absolutely love this sweetheart of a horse, he's so handsome and carries himself proudly.  He's got such a sweet, friendly nature. Although a bit plain he's actually quite attractive. I've had a few good gallops on him. He also had a really good win today at the races. 

Twosnotenough :

This girl is a long distance runner. She can be your typical chestnut TB mare at times. She's pretty forward but knows her job. She's one I just gel with. 

This is one mare I have learnt bucket loads on. She's also had a very good win this weekend. I did my first go-like-stink gallop on her. I did my first jumpout on her. She's taught me to ride a horse that pulls properly, but she also goes really nicely and doesn't pull. It depends on the day with this girl. Another absolute sweetheart of a horse. 


KateRose said...

It's so cool to meet the track ponies and hear about their different personalities :)

Liz Stout said...

So many mares!

Kelseaallen said...

They all are so beautiful.

Allie -Rocking E Cowgirl said...

So many great horses! What will Silver Lady do after the track?