Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sophie's problems!!

Sophie is such a sweetheart, but has always been very sensitive. I've been working very slowly with her taking my time. Every time I use leg on her or if my leg touches her side she would pin her ears and let out a pigroot.
After taking it slow she is now walking and trotting, and accepting my leg nicely so we decided to try cantering.
She bucked. A lot. And they weren't just little bucks either she meant business.
Because she is so sweet by nature and generally tries to please, that acting like this is not normal for her.
So after a fair few attempts I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and see if pain was related to her bucking.
So far I've ruled out her back. She has no problems there.
Her saddle seems to fit her nicely but to be sure I'm going to try her with a track saddle on. One that fits her nicely and the ones we used are designed to be as comfortable and pain free as saddles get.
Hopefully if this "weather bomb" we have been hit with is passed by tomorrow I'll see how she goes in that.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ride out for Sophie.

Sophie had her first ride out the other day. My little sister rode Poppy and we went for a short hack out on the farm.

We had to ride down the road for 100 metres or so but its a quiet road so we didn't have to worry about any traffic.

 In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming for her and she jig-jogged a bit. I kept relaxed and my reins long and she settled nicely and we ended really well!!
The photos.....

Olivia and Poppy

And Sophie and I 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When your running low on time....

On the days I just don't have enough time to ride them both, I ride out for a trot on the roads, riding one and leading the other....

The first time I did this I made sure I had plenty of time and started in a confined area. I didn't really have to worry about it though because once Goldrush got the hang of it he was quite happy to trot alongside.
It makes life so much easier somedays and my little ol Spud is such a patient lead pony.

Of course no ride would be complete without my little helper coming along.
Diesel is growing so fast!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Track work.

I'm absolutely loving having a track for me to ride my ponies around. It's really good fitness work and I know they love being able to open up and go hard a couple of times a week.
Goldrush had his first experience on the track the other morning, we just kept it to a walk the first time around because he was quite spooky and unsure of everything, the second round we trotted and he was a lot more confident. We didn't gallop just fast cantered two rounds. He loved it once he was over all the scaries!!  unfortunately no pictures, but we did 4 rounds of gallop on Spud.
This pony is so cute. He puts his ears back digs his feet in and goes as fast as he possibly can!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tentative plans!!

The ponies are doing so well.
After being there for one night the neighbour who is a really lovely person, and often comes over to chat with us when we work the racehorses fell in love with them, he offered me his paddock to use if I wanted to, so they get an hr or two to stuff there faces and run around in the mornings.

I also was a bit worried about them in the yards all day, not being able to get away from the sun, so we set them up in bigger yards with a little run in each for them. 

They are settled in really well and are relaxed and happy so I'm a happy mum :)

As for riding they are both working really nicely. They are ridden every day and I alternate between schooling dressage, games training and hacking out. Occasionally when I can they will get fitness work round the track. I'm also hoping to get a little jump or two set up. 

Goldrush is growing up so much, on our road rides he trots along nicely and if.he's unsure he will just look at it warily rather than shy at it.
In his schooling we have progressed from moving sideways off my leg at a halt to moving over at a walk and trot as well. I choose a line 5 meters in from the fence and leg-yield to the fence line and then back out again. He's responding so well to all the transitions and circles, figure of 8's and serpentines. I'd just like him to work with a bit more energy now and also not to try break out of his circles to get closer to his friends. He tries this once at the start of every ride until he gets told off and then he settles nicely.

And for the title of my post we have tentative plans to take Spud to a one day event on the 11th of February and also regionals for mounted games on the 25th and 26th of February. So we are training for those. And he's still my solid go hard little man <3 div="">

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Spud wants to be a racehorse.

Today after working 10 horses at work I jumped on Spud and rode him around our private, smaller track that we use to train the pretrainers.
And we went for a gallop round.
It sure is strange riding little Spuddy round, after the big racehorses but he loved it and went as fast as his little legs would take him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals!!

My goals for this year....

For Sophie :
- Keep her happy and healthy!!
- Get her schooling nicely, doing basic dressage in a nice relaxed frame and working properly using her body.
- Take her to a show/competition
-  Teach her to do pole work and start jumping her.
- Be able to hack her out alone and in company.

For Goldrush:
- Keep him happy and healthy. 
- Continue with his schooling. 
- Take him out as much as possible on either lessons, competitions or just a float ride to a beach or trail ride in new places. 
- Get him jumping consistently. I've popped him over a couple of small teeny tiny cross jumps but he's never jumped properly before. 
- Be able to do running vaults on him
- Take him to his first mounted games competition. 

For Spud:
- Keep him happy and healthy! 
- Get some weight off him so he's not fat!!
- Take him to an ode (one day event) 
- Get him out to a few mounted games competitions. 
- Teach him a few tricks and see how he goes with bareback and bridleless work. 

For Me:
- Keep working towards my goals of becoming a jockey. Ride in more jumpouts and get as far as I can and as my boss thinks I'm ready for in a year. 
- Workout/run 3-5 times a week. 
- Be happy. Enjoy the little things. 
- Have more confidence in myself and stop doubting myself so much. 
- Work hard. 
- Be a good person.
- Make more time for family and friends. Go on adventures. Experience new things and make the time to relax and have fun.