Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals!!

My goals for this year....

For Sophie :
- Keep her happy and healthy!!
- Get her schooling nicely, doing basic dressage in a nice relaxed frame and working properly using her body.
- Take her to a show/competition
-  Teach her to do pole work and start jumping her.
- Be able to hack her out alone and in company.

For Goldrush:
- Keep him happy and healthy. 
- Continue with his schooling. 
- Take him out as much as possible on either lessons, competitions or just a float ride to a beach or trail ride in new places. 
- Get him jumping consistently. I've popped him over a couple of small teeny tiny cross jumps but he's never jumped properly before. 
- Be able to do running vaults on him
- Take him to his first mounted games competition. 

For Spud:
- Keep him happy and healthy! 
- Get some weight off him so he's not fat!!
- Take him to an ode (one day event) 
- Get him out to a few mounted games competitions. 
- Teach him a few tricks and see how he goes with bareback and bridleless work. 

For Me:
- Keep working towards my goals of becoming a jockey. Ride in more jumpouts and get as far as I can and as my boss thinks I'm ready for in a year. 
- Workout/run 3-5 times a week. 
- Be happy. Enjoy the little things. 
- Have more confidence in myself and stop doubting myself so much. 
- Work hard. 
- Be a good person.
- Make more time for family and friends. Go on adventures. Experience new things and make the time to relax and have fun. 


Kelsea Allen said...

Sounds like some good goals!!

Allie Essary said...

Keeping horses happy and healthy is a huge goal of it's own! You can do it! And I think you're well on your way to becoming a jockey, from the sound of it!

L.Williams said...

I too want to be a better person this year. Happy New Year