Sunday, January 8, 2017

Track work.

I'm absolutely loving having a track for me to ride my ponies around. It's really good fitness work and I know they love being able to open up and go hard a couple of times a week.
Goldrush had his first experience on the track the other morning, we just kept it to a walk the first time around because he was quite spooky and unsure of everything, the second round we trotted and he was a lot more confident. We didn't gallop just fast cantered two rounds. He loved it once he was over all the scaries!!  unfortunately no pictures, but we did 4 rounds of gallop on Spud.
This pony is so cute. He puts his ears back digs his feet in and goes as fast as he possibly can!!


KateRose said...

Having a track would be so fun! I bet all your equines love it :)

Kelsea Allen said...

That looks like lots of fun!! He is so cute!!

Dom said...

I'm jealous! I used to have access to a track and LOVED it. I miss it terribly.