Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Breaking in Rocket!

It started as a comment on Facebook.  A friend has just brought another racehorse, a Road To Rock filly. I commented saying that Road To Rock was one of my favourite sires and tend to be really nice horses. Also one of my favourite mares at work is out of Road To Rock.
After that comment the lady messaged me and asked if I would break 'Rocket' in for her.

She had done a really good job with the groundwork (long-lining, lunging etc). Which made it a lot easier for me.
When I got there Rocket was standing patiently waiting with the saddle on. She accepted the bridle no problems and we took her into the yards. After laying all over her and patting her all over while doing so I hopped on properly.
I waited for the usual, her back to come up or for her to start bucking but she stood there like she'd done it a million times before. I got her moving round the yard, turning, stopping and going forward.
She was so quiet i had to keep asking, "are you sure she hasn't already been broken in before ".
The owner took the lead off and I kicked her round the yard by myself.  Rocket was so good,  there was one point when we started trotting that she threw her head down, put a few decent bucks in, but i stayed with her and kept the forwardness and she continued like a champ.

She's by far the easiest horse I've broken in. Can't wait to see this lil mare as her career develops. 


Kelsea Allen said...

That sounds like a pretty nice breaking process!:)

Jodi said...

What a doll! I'm glad that she was such a good girl.

Dom said...

Can't ask for a better first ride than that!