Saturday, January 28, 2017

Repost: Pretrainers featuring Sundy!

I didn't like the way my other post turned out so I'm re doing it.

At our 'private ' track where we train and keep our pretrainers, is also where my ponies are kept.
My favourite horse at work is doing her training here at the moment.
Sundae (pronounced Sundy) is personally owned by Emma who bred her and has owned her since she was a foal.
Sundy is full of personality. She absolutely loves people and is full of sass. She's super cheeky but has the biggest heart and will try her heart out if she likes you.

Because of her massive personality and sass, she doesn't always go well for some people. But I just clicked with her from the start and Emma has made me her main rider. 
I can tell just from riding her round the track that she is going to be an amazing jumper. She's small but fast and she has that amazing uphill bouncy canter, and is quick on her feet with a smart mind. 
After talking about it it was agreed that I could take her after her racing career!!  Just, because you can never have enough horses!! 
Here are some photos of Sundae and I working with another filly with Emma on-board.  


Dom said...

I can't wait to read more about her! She sounds like she has lots of potential!

KateRose said...

Sundy looks super cute! Excited to hear more about her :)

Allie -Rocking E Cowgirl said...

I feel like I know a couple horses like this, and it does take a special connection to make them really shine. Congrats on that!

Kelsea Allen said...

Wow, sounds like she could do great things!