Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sophie's problems - part 2

Sophie was the same with the new saddle on. That rules out saddle fitting issues and pain related problems.
I took a few videos of her reactions and sent them to my boss to see what she thought.
She's a really experienced horse person and I have a lot of respect for her.
After looking at the videos she said she thinks I'm right and that it doesn't really look like it's pain causing her to act the way she has been.
She also said that I know my horse best and if I also don't think it's pain related then she had a couple of other suggestions for me.
One of those was also a suggestion by Dom in a comment on my last post.
A few of the racehorses are the same and it's hormonal/ovary problems which could be making her so reactive and like she's hurting.

It really makes sense that this is what's bothering her as she's a very sensitive mare, had a few foals and she's always been inclined to get silly and grouchy when she's in season.

So I'm now on the lookout for a good treatment system and/or supplements to help her with this. More $$$ for the horses!!

I also shortened my stirrups and demonstrated how I ride at the track.  

This is general pacework stirrup length, we ride even shorter for gallop days.  

Please excuse the no helmet in the photos, I do normally wear one but I left it at work.

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Kelsea Allen said...

My mare can be quit crabby on her cycle to I keep her on a supplement called mare magic, it helps calm her down.