Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sophie's problems!!

Sophie is such a sweetheart, but has always been very sensitive. I've been working very slowly with her taking my time. Every time I use leg on her or if my leg touches her side she would pin her ears and let out a pigroot.
After taking it slow she is now walking and trotting, and accepting my leg nicely so we decided to try cantering.
She bucked. A lot. And they weren't just little bucks either she meant business.
Because she is so sweet by nature and generally tries to please, that acting like this is not normal for her.
So after a fair few attempts I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and see if pain was related to her bucking.
So far I've ruled out her back. She has no problems there.
Her saddle seems to fit her nicely but to be sure I'm going to try her with a track saddle on. One that fits her nicely and the ones we used are designed to be as comfortable and pain free as saddles get.
Hopefully if this "weather bomb" we have been hit with is passed by tomorrow I'll see how she goes in that.

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Dom said...

I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it in no time! It's great you're thinking along those lines with her. So many people would just chalk it up to misbehavior. Some mares are sensitive because of their ovaries. Other horses because of their stomachs. Curious to see what Sophie's deal will be.