Thursday, December 29, 2016

New living arrangements for my ponies!!

Those of you guys that have read some of my previous posts will know I haven't been happy with my horses grazing for awhile now. For starters, all the flat land available to ride on the grazing manager won't let me actually ride there, so my only way of riding has been up and down the road which is near impossible to do any proper work or training on my horses that way.
Also my ponies are not allowed to be locked up or restricted and there grass is crazy long and they are getting fat. Even with being ridden every day their weight is just continually increasing and it's not good for them.
I talked to my bosses partner and she told me I could lock them in the yards and put them in a paddock when I want to out at pretrainers. This is where we train our babies around a small personal track and where we work the racers till they are fit enough to go to the big stables.
For free.
All I have to do is feed up the horses out there on the weekends and put rugs on the working horse's on sunny days so we can let them enjoy the sun on there backs on a nice day.
I have access to the tracks if I want to take my ponies for a gallop, to the yards where they will be living for awhile, to the tie ups and hose areas. I have paddocks I can ride in and a good road which I can ride to tracks which lead to a beach.
It's perfect and only 2 minutes from my house....
It's not a permanent situation, just till i can find somewhere to graze them that offers what I want.
Today was moving day. The ponies both loaded straight away and travelled really good.
They are both happy and settled in.

That left Sophie. I wasn't about to leave her on her own. If you remember in my post about poppy I said she was going to be put with her. It's a bit further away but still an awesome place with a whole farm and plenty of space to ride. And also a lady just down the road who has a course of jumps we are allowed to use.
I was a bit worried about how the two mares would get on but they loved each other straight away.

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Kelsea Allen said...

Sounds like a good temporary arrangement! Glad they got along!