Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jumpout day!!

Its been pretty busy at work lately with all the Christmas races. We had horse's racing on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.
The races on Saturday and Tuesday were local, which meant today (Wednesday) is jumpout day.
For those of you that don't remember, here are some photos from my first jumpout on my favourite horse On Debut.

In my jumpout today I rode another of my favourites. 

Silver Lady

I've been the main rider on her since she came in from spelling. She's very quiet, doesn't pull and I generally ride her with a long rein. She does have a tendency to lay in, pushing into her pair horse or just generally not going straight, but I've been working on her a lot, every morning making her stay straight on her line and she's improved heaps!!  But I was still a little worried today that she would drift out and clip heels with the other horses or drift in front of someone else. 
The boss just told me to stay safe and be aware!! 
I didn't really have to worry though, she jumped out of the gates good and went straight to begin with. She was galloping good and I ended up putting her 4 wide and asking more of her to keep up, but she did and kept giving when I asked for more. 
Super happy with how she went, she galloped super and the boss was happy. 
He said if it was an actual race I would have been screwed but I listened to him and stayed safe (because Im still learning) and had the horse go well so he was happy. 

Honestly, I've said it before but there's no better feeling than a racehorse in full gallop!!!! 

To finish with here are a few photos of my favourite baby out at the pretrainers. He's so cute and very cheeky and such a dude. 



Kelsea Allen said...

Sounds like a busy but fun week. Beautiful horses!

Jodi said...

The baby looks gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to reading more about your horses, racing in New Zealand, and your journey to become a jockey.