Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Tonight was the last training session before the big weekend this weekend. As usual Spud was a legend, he is in peak fitness and absolutely loves his job. He had a whole heap of "GO" tonight and lived up to his reputation. Hes a small lil pony but stocky and so fast!! The speed that comes from a pony of his build and size is almost unbelievable. It's super hard for me to keep up with him but if I focus and get my timing and everything right then we are a good team.
Tonight everything came together and it was super fun. Aside from one mishap, when I struggled to lean down and grab the ball off the cone. Spuds speed was too hard for me to keep up with. But I slowed it all down to a canter. Slowed down its easier to see what's going wrong. Turns out my hand positioning was all wrong and I needed to grab the ball more from the top. Sped back up to full speed and nailed it.

Quiet hack ride for spud on Friday, then super early on Saturday morning we are making the 4 hr drive to zone games. Nationals at pony club level.

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