Monday, March 7, 2016

February Recap!!

I know it's probably a bit late for this but I wanted to do this, but better late than never right?
February started off with some time in hospital. Wasn't the best started to the month.
When I got out of hospital I had my first ride since I dislocated my elbow badly back in January. My arm was still in its massive cast but boy did it feel good to be back in the saddle.

After that first ride nothing could stop me and I was back riding. I was back doing fitness and training rides with Spud and working with all my horses.

I even competed with my arm in the massive cast and by far it was the funnest, most awesome competition this year. We came out first in the teams competition, and second in the pairs. I also got selected to be on the north island team for games. * cue excited squealing here *

Goldrush has come quite far and learnt a lot of new things this month also started jumping little jumps and doing really well!!

Sophie is still learning to accept leg contact. When I'm riding as soon as my leg makes contact with her sides, she flicks her head, and either tries to run off and/or buck. But we have made a bit of improvement and she's still young and confused.
Just a little disclaimer it's not pain or I'll fitting tack that makes her like that. I'd say part of it is she's never been ridden asides from raced so most likely never felt legs there before. Also she is a super sensitive mare and still very green/young.

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T said...

Just found your blog via your comment on mine, can't wait to read and catch up :) Congrats on a great February!