Sunday, March 13, 2016

Show Recap!!!!

It was an early morning start at 5, but after having a quick breakfast and coffee, I packed up my car and drove down to the horses. Spud got all bandaged up and then we were off!!

Spud loaded well as he always does and both horses travelled well. Because it was such a long journey we stopped twice on the way to let the ponies have a walk around to stretch their legs.
DAY 1:
On the first day it was the pairs event. There were 6 races but the event wasnt very well organised and there was 32 pairs competing, so it was a long day with lots of standing around between races.
Spud was a champ and my pair also rode really well and we ended up 8Th equal.
We would have been in the ribbons except in one race, I had to vault onto Spud while he was galloping and I somehow got tripped up on his leg and he ran over me. Luckily he did his bestest to miss me and all I got was a massive bruise on my leg. However for official reasons I had to spend 20 minutes in the ambulance and we were retired from the race missing out on the points we needed. However 8th out of 32 isn't at all bad!!

DAY 2:
The next day was the teams event. There were 8 races and 14 teams. The day was much more organised and went a lot faster. Our team aced most of the races against some tough competition. There was only one mistake made which was in the flag race. And two of our riders missed the change over but they fixed their mistake quickly and we still had a good time. We finished in 3rd place. Which we were all really stoaked about because we were competing against some really tough more experienced teams!!


Karley said...

So cool!! Congrats!!

Piccolopony said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Michelle said...

That's my girl!!!

T said...

Congrats, love the recap, sounds like a super fun day!