Sunday, March 20, 2016

Training - with photos!!

Sorry I have been quiet for the last few days. I have been at a massive music festival called Womad. Bands from all over the world come and it's a truly awesome time. I will do a post on that when it's over and I get home :)
However I left womad, for training yesterday morning with the team for North Island champs.
Spud was an absolute speed demon. He was very up and exuberant. While we were doing a warm up he was bucking from joy and crazyness, galloping home from one race, my saddle ended up on his neck and I had to jump off.
Asides from that it was really good and we gelled together so well. Here are a few pictures.

 Vaulting on!!

I'm am also planning a post to explain what I do - mounted games. So you guys can understand it better.
I will also catch up on all your lovely blogs tonight!!

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