Saturday, March 5, 2016

Goldrushs story.

One day I got a phone call from an older man who had just had 4 wild ponies dropped off at his place. He asked if I would help him handle, start them and then train them up. After which we would sell them onto capable young riders.
After a few months of getting used to human company, and teaching them to lead, load onto a float (trailer), to accept walking over tarps, have sacks and plastic bags on them, to be groomed, long lined and to wear tack and all the things a horse needs to know. Goldrush was ready to ride. Breaking him in was a slow process. We first did it bareback and I got him used to my legs all over his belly, rump round his shoulders etc the day came when I finally got to ride him properly with a saddle.

He was a little bit worried at first and for the first few days I rode him round the yards, teaching him to go forward, turn and back up. After that I rode him out in the open, in big stock paddocks, we only had one moment of terror when he decided to have a bucking fit and tried to run off but I calmed him and we carried on with our ride.
After he was moving forward nicely at a walk and trot and turning both directions and even a little cantering. I decided to buy him for myself. I was impressed with his build. He showed a lot of potential in so many ways, and I fell in love with his character.

I turned him out for a few months as he had only just turned 3 when we started working with him.

When he turned 4 I moved him to my grazing with my other horses and started working with him again. When he first arrived at the grazing he was skittish and worried about all the new horses and things he had never seen before like showjumps, arenas, cross country jumps and games equipment. Now he is calm and chill, and I have even started popping him over small jumps. My little man has such a cute cheeky personality everyone just falls in love with him - even though he does love to chew things and run off with my saddle blankets, prancing away proudly while I try to catch him so I can get it back.
He has come so far and I can't wait for the future with my baby.

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