Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goldrushs big adventure

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I haven't had internet. I have been super busy riding and studying and working though.
On Saturday my little man Goldrush had a big day. He had his first experience at pony club.
To say I am super proud of my man would be an understatement. He coped so well with the environment and all the other horses around. He got a little bit antsy when everyone was cantering round for the warm up but was mostly so chill about everything.
On this particular day at pony club we were focusing on mounted games. This was good as he is going to be my future games pony. We only walked and trotted our parts of it because some of the equipment like bottles and flags can be very scary but overall he was very good.
At this stage of his games training it's all about getting him comfortable and familiar with the gear and other ponies running around, also focusing on straightness and the turns. For his first time he was super chill and showed potential.

So much love for my little wild child.

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Karley said...

Sounds like fun!!