Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sophie's new start.

So Sophie's career as firstly a showjumper and secondary a show horse with me officially started!!  I've owned her for around a year now. When she came to me she had been a racehorse and had a two foals. I gave her a good few months break because it's good for them to be refreshed and to learn to be a normal horse after the racehorse lifestyle. She got lots of feed and grooming, cuddles and time with her pony friends. I then started her under saddle and she was very touchy about any contact from my legs. She's a sensitive thing so I took my time with her and taught her to move off my legs, and that rein contact didn't mean go faster. Then after moving grazing her weight dropped so I turned her out again. With recent changes to her diet, her coat, weight and overall attitude has changed for the better.

She had her first lunging and ride with me and is officially back in work.
I was very surprised how she handled it. She was like an old pro, still very green but she tries hard to please and all my work paid off and she accepts leg aids really well. We just walked with a little bit of trotting. Still heaps to work on but the progress will be good. Very excited to see how things go with my sweetheart.

Handgrazing after our ride.

She's such a beautiful kind mare. Very proud mumma here. 

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