Monday, October 17, 2016

Poultices a trim and a ride.

Sophie's unfortunately got a bit of an abscess so I've been poulticing her for the last few days.
I've found one of the best ways to get the poultice on is by using baby nappies on the hoof before bandaging over top. Lasts a lot longer as well especially if your horses are in paddocks.

After a few days of being poulticed, its cleared up heaps and she's walking a lot better. 

I trimmed Spuds hooves today and will be bringing him back into work tomorrow or in the next few days. This means I will be riding 3 horses!!  After long work days it's crazy hard work but completely worth it.  

Spud is also getting a bit fat so he's being put in a paddock with no grass during the day and let out with the others at night. 

After having the weekend off Goldrush was pretty full of himself today, so we started off with lots of walk trot and trot/halt/trot transitions. Also lots of backing up and moving sideways off my leg which he's fully grasped the concept of now. Once he was settled I took it a step further and got him to move sideways off my leg at a walk. He tried but wasn't completely stepping over so I kept asking and rewarding him when he tried and he kept giving more. Once he had completely stepped in both directions while we were moving I stopped and moved onto some canter work. I'm building up to walk/canter and canter/walk transitions and after about 10 minutes we were doing with 1-2 strides of trot. This pony honestly tries his heart out!!  

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Thanks! Love your horses! I'm glad the poultice is helping!