Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Goldrush has an adventure.

Since Goldrush has been doing so well lately, I wanted to get him out to do some training with some actual mounted games equipment. I have none myself so I had to take him on a 45 minute drive to have access to some gear. This also gave him experience in the float, having only been in one once before but also working in a new environment.

I took my little sister and her pony (Poppy - actually mine but I am leasing her to my sister). As company. Goldrush loaded into the float after a little bit of hesitation. My boyfriend who was driving them, drove extra careful with him on board and Goldrush handled it like an old pro.

A few bits of equipment Goldrush found quite scary like the litter (a carton picked up on the end of a stick and carried from your horses back) and the flags. He only had one minor freak out at a flag where he tried to bolt then jumped on the spot when I stopped him. Then he was scared and snorted but accepted and tried his best at everything I asked of him. We spent the afternoon weaving in and out of poles at a trot then canter, moving mugs from pole to pole at canter, moving flags around, leaning off him to pick things up and much more.

I couldnt be more happier with how he went.

We did a running vault....

And I even popped him over a small jump that was set up. 

Can't believe this pony was completely wild exactly one year ago. I'm so proud of my little man. 

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KateRose said...

Very good pony you have there :)