Friday, October 14, 2016


I am going to make this post as simple and as less complicated as I can.
For those of you that followed my blog a year and a half ago before my break from blogging will remember my horse Romeo. He's a 16.2 hh Thoroughbred and the sweetest most honest horse you could ever ask for. He also had so much talent. A massive jump and beautiful fancy movement. We won several grand champion classes, jumped 1m45 and competed in showjumping and a bit of dressage for my local pony club.

I had to sell him because I couldnt keep up with 4 horses at the time. I didn't even have to advertise much because so many people wanted him. At that time I sold him to a friend of mine (no longer my friend). In the next year and a half he was pretty much wasting in the paddock, and I got excuse after excuse as to why she couldn't pay me.
Over the last couple of days i was told she has had horses taken off her by the SPCA because she would go for days without feeding or watering them. Then things progressed and i found out she had also been stealing gear from people and also from me.
Of course I was immediately worried for my horse and told her I would be taking him back.
Again things got worse and I was told she was planning to hide and steal him the day before I was due to pick him up. So that night my legend of a family helped me and we went and picked him up and got him back to me safe and happy. He's quite skinny but he will be well looked after and safe now.

I feel terrible that my horse was put in this situation,  but I keep reminding myself that I didn't know. I had no idea what was going on behind my back.
But the important thing is, he is safe and happy again!!

Of course this now leaves me with four horses (five if you include my pony my little sister has). Which is now where I get to the exciting part of my post!!
My boyfriend has been wanting to learn how to ride for awhile now and he has decided to take Romeo for himself.
I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect outcome. Romeo will be perfect for him to learn on and he will be grazing with my horses. I will still be able to ride and compete him.
My boyfriend has a lot to learn but is dedicated and excited and I can't wait to help them figure each other out and to teach him..


L.Williams said...

Ugh what a terrible person your ex friend is. I'm so glad you got Romeo back and he is happy and safe!

Liz Stout said...

Gah what a terrible sounding human that girl is. Happy you have him back in your care!

Katy Magee said...

Oh man, when I first started reading I got that sinking feeling... thank goodness for a happy ending. He's a lucky horse to have you in his life. Thanks for sharing this story!