Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting Spud fit.

Honestly there's nothing that puts me in a better mood than having a good ride/rides on my horses. No matter how tired, upset or even when I'm just feeling neutral,  the cheeky, good natured antics of my horseys always put a smile on my face and leaves me feeling happier.
I was asked to be on the mounted games team at Regionals, which is in 4 weeks.
Which leaves me 4 weeks to have Spud in peak fitness. He's pretty fit already, but hes chubby and needs more work.
The thing with Spud though is his heart and his try. He will do anything I ask him to and he will run all day if I asked.
No doubt about it he would go till he dropped. So while building his fitness I have to be extra careful with him.
While he might feel like he's got the energy and fitness, it doesn't mean that he actually does, he's just so willing he will do it without tiring even if he is not physically capable of it.
I'm building him up slowly with lots of trotting on the roads with a few days of schooling thrown in. I'm always careful to watch his breathing and how long I've gone. I love this pony to bits and I'm being careful with him. He's such a little trooper.
Here's a few pictures from our ride/fitness trotting on the road and down the tracks today.

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