Friday, April 1, 2016

Sophie vs The Blanket

Rugging Sophie has always been a mission.
When I first got her she thought rugs were the monsters that hide under little kids beds at night. She would throw her head, buck, kick out and a whole lot of unacceptable behaviours when I tried to put one on her.
However she had to learn to be a big good girl and wear one because unfortunately for her she is super sensitive to the cold and rain. Once I got her standing calmly for me to rug her I thought that might be the end of our troubles, but alas she figured out very quickly, genius ways to destroy her covers. One time I brought her a brand new super tough, winter canvas rug. Withen half an hour of putting it on, she had it off. Grrrrr

But over the months she's made huge progress. She has pretty much an entirely different personality. She has gone from skittish and continuously pacing her paddock and just downright annoying to do anything with (largely due to her unfortunate past) to a calm sensible sweetheart of a mare. In saying this she is very much a one person horse. We have bonded so much and is still sceptical around people that aren't me. Although she is getting better with my coach.

So along with all the other progress she's been making she has also progressed to standing still for me while I rugged her up tonight. Not even a hint of her putting a ear back or kicking out. Then following me around her paddock for ages wanting more cuddles.

So much love for my beautiful girl. 

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DreamUponAStar said...

There is a horse like this up at my stables, just hates his rugs! Glad you have made progress though!