Saturday, April 23, 2016

Show time!!

Today our pony club was holding a ribbon day, so I entered Spud because it's something different from our usual rides and he got to practice being a good 'as-posh-as-possible-for-Spud' pony. As per usual he was fast in his gaits, which made him faster than the much bigger horses and ponies. But Mr. Spud thinks he has a reputation to uphold and likes to pretend he is much bigger and fiercer than his friends. However he was controlled and listening but definitely making me work for it!! Which the judge noticed and we got 2 firsts and a second in best rider, pony club pony, and best combination classes (the only classes we entered). Then of course being a games pony we entered in the bending and blitzed that easily.

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L.Williams said...

Congrats to you and Spud!