Sunday, April 3, 2016

Games pony does dressage!

I like to keep my horses work varied and while Spud is a games and jumping pony I only really do games work or jumping once a week or so with him. Mainly because we are good at it and I don't want him to get bored of it. So for the rides that aren't games training or fun jumping rides we do a lot of riding out down the roads or fitness work. Also work on the flat getting him stopping from all gaits just off my body and fast, turning off my body and fast and backing up. All skills needed for games.

Seeing as daylight savings has ended this means my horses will be worked in semi darkness. Luckily they are used to it because there is no other way that I would be able to keep them all in work.

Today I decided Mr Spud could do some dressage. Speedy games pony was like Whaaaat why we not go fast...... But after doing heaps of transitions he settled into work nicely and actually started working in a frame and carrying himself nicely, which surprised me. Then I worked on walk to canter transitions. For a pony that can go from a standstill to gallop often I figured it would be easy.... Yea not so much but after working on him for a bit I got him to rock back and got a few good walk-to-canter transitions so I called it a night. 

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KateRose said...

Transitions make everything better! I love riding the canter to walk transition :)