Friday, February 17, 2017

Today's rides.

Since 90% of my riding is for my job,  I decided to do a recap of all my rides for that day once or twice a week.
So here are my 13 rides for today... Somedays I ride more, other days less.

Spud was super cool today!!  He was my last ride for the day after work, I was pretty exhausted by this point. Although I'm pretty exhausted at the end of every day to be honest but that's just how it is. We went for a trot down the road and through the bush to the massive soccer fields and did some fitness galloping round them all and then we walked home to cool him off. He's a good pony!

Silver Lady:

On a day when we are doing pace work she's always my easiest ride of the morning. Today we were babysitting, riding in a pair with a slightly crazy young one. As usual I had my reins long, and she just cruised round. 

You'll Do Me:
This guys big, black, solid and handsome. He's also very strong and can pull so hard he's almost impossible to hold. 
You just gotta relax, get your hold, and basically push your hands into his neck and don't move at all. Any shift of the weight or your hands will probably make him bolt. It's taken me awhile but I've figured out how to ride him and I organise myself early so that when we take off he's nice and relaxed and doesn't pull. 


Pins is just a baby so she doesn't have a race name yet. She's had a baby prep and a jumpout then she was turned out for ages. I rode her for her first time back in with two other babies. She was nice and relaxed and went round nicely.

This guys a big cutie. He's another horse I have a soft spot for. He's also just come in from a spell and I rode him for his first time back round the track. Was a tad bit scary as he was pulling a lot and his mate who was galloping round in a pair with us was running into the rails almost flipping him and his rider over and jumping around. Brilliance was good asides from one random leap, but he held himself together and he was pretty keen and pulling but it was easy to bring him back and he was working nicely by the end of his second round.  

What Now My Love:

This mare is a little different, walking to and from the track she has her head way up in the air, jig-jogging and jumping around. Once out there she will completely relax and gallop her two rounds nicely. Sometimes she can get quite keen and pull but she was working on her own today and I was able to have my reins loose and she cruised around quietly. 


One of my favourite mares!! She wasn't the easiest ride today though, she pulled the whole time and my arms and legs were aching by the end of the ride. 


This little black mare is full of spunk and super cheeky. She may be little but she is really fast. Unfortunately she was a little bit muscle sore today, and was struggling so it was a very quiet gallop round. 

Art Deco:

My absolute favourite!! She's so pretty.
She was pretty fresh today and was jumping around a lot on her way onto the track. I almost fell off when she did a big jump sideways but she worked really nicely, felt very forward and free, but she was relaxed and didn't pull. 

Tellyawhat :

Believe it or not he's actually a grey!! This fella is another horse you have to sit super quiet on. But he was very good and relaxed today. A year or so back he had a reputation for bolting, but he's calmed down a lot and works nicely most days. 


Definitely not your typical TB. This mare is an absolute giant. Not only in height but shes such big boned as well. She's also really quiet and lazy so it was a bit of a workout to keep her moving forward and pace work speed. 

Such a dude this man!! Unfortunately his race name is too hard to pronounce let alone spell. This guy is always happy and keen to work. He gives you such a good feeling. He can pull but when you push your hands down into his neck to remind him to come back he relaxes and comes back again. 


This mare can be a hot head, but today she worked forward, free and fast but stayed soft and relaxed. 


4RRanch said...

Wow, what a job you have. I feel like I've done a lot if I ride 3. You are super girl!

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Ruth said...

I used to ache a lot and I was always exhausted but I'm pretty used to it now!!

Kelsea Allen said...

That sounds like fun but hard work to ride that many horses in one day!!:) They are all so beautiful.