Monday, February 20, 2017

Jumpout day. Facing your fears.

Today was jumpout day!!
For some reason I was really nervous beforehand. There's so many things that could go wrong and if it did, I would get seriously hurt. Going the speeds we do, a fall is never going to end well.
This has NEVER bothered me before.
But for some reason today I was scared. To the point where I was shaking.
Being scared never stops me though and the few times that I do get scared or nervous, I can channel it and use it to focus more.

However as soon as I got legged on, I felt comfortable and relaxed and back to normal and all went well.
I was on one of my favourites Silver Lady.
She jumped out of the gates well and I stayed with her and we had a really good run.
I can't stop saying how amazing and exhilarating riding at full racehorse gallop feels.
Here are a few photos!! I'm wearing the blue vest on the inside.


Allie -Rocking E Cowgirl said...

I know very little about racing... Is jumpout a term for an actual race? Or like a practice race at full speed? Teach me!

Kelsea Allen said...

That looks like it could be kinda nerve racking! Glad all went ok! So do you actually ride in the like big competitive races or how does that work?:)

Liz Stout said...

Damn, you've got more guts than me!