Saturday, March 4, 2017

What are jumpouts?

We have another jumpout day coming up at work soon, and on my last post a few of you commented asked what exactly a jumpout is and where they sit in relating to races etc.
So I decided to write a post on it.
A jumpout is basically like a mini race.
After a racing event, the barriers/gates are left at the track for people to use in jumpouts the following day or Monday.

It's not really about winning or losing but of course you always aim for the win!!
In a jumpout there will be 4-8 horses, although averagely most of them have 6 in.
The gates are moved to different distances on the track, the same as a regular race day depending on the distance that particular heat is running.
Jumpouts are a prep for racing.

Up and coming young ones do jumpouts to teach them how to jump from the gates and to get them used to the racing environment with other horses and all that.

They are for trainers, owners and riders to see the horses potential, running times, mindsets and favoured conditions.

They are also to assess a horse coming back in after a spell to gage their fitness levels and to see how close they are to be ready for the real thing.

Of course the aim isn't to win but the riders are always competitive and it shows the drive and heart of the horse.

The will to win has to be there, otherwise the horse probably won't make a top racehorse no matter how fast it is.


KateRose said...

Interesting! I had no idea they did something like that :)

Kelsea Allen said...

That's cool. Thanks for letting us know how that works!

Allie -Rocking E Cowgirl said...

Thank you for clearing that up!