Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spud on Loan, Dentist for Goldrush.

So Spud has gone over to the otherside of the country for a week. I have loaned him to a member of the Australian team competing at NZHOY (horse of the year).
She seems like such a nice girl and has been sending me photos and updates since he got there.
Its good to know he's being taken care of :)

Meanwhile on this side of the country, Goldrush had his teeth done by the dentist, who did him when she came to do the work horses. 
He was really good, it would have been his first time in his life since he was completely wild before I got him. 
He was actually really well behaved!!
So proud of my lil man. 


Kelsea Allen said...

Goldrush is so pretty!

Tamryn said...

I like your poem on the right. Keep the dream.