Sunday, November 27, 2016


The grass is still knee/chest length in my riding paddock/s. Really not ideal to be doing any proper schooling or training on. Fingers crossed its cut and baled up soon!! Otherwise I might need to ask a neighbour if I could borrow there paddock to ride in.

Meanwhile I've been exercising my ponies on the roads and down the tracks. Its doing good for Goldrush's baby brain, hes learning that things arent quite as scary as he thinks they are and most times will just trot past scary things with a snort in the general direction of the scary object.

Spud is as usual his cute, cheeky self, even though still a bit chubby!!  Yesterday I started with a warm up trot down the road then, toughed it up made him do canters up and down the hills and opened him up for a few gallops. He was really bouncy because of the long grass but he needs it and it was good fun for both of us. 

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