Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New happenings!!

First up, sorry again for not posting in awhile!!! Life has been do busy recently but overall pretty good.

I've also been thinking of making another more personal blog but ivery decided to just make this blog a bit of both, but will still be 90% about my horses.
After all horses are my life!!

Exciting news.... I found grazing for my 3 horses (my little sister is leasing Poppy) up here. So instead of driving 45 minutes each way to see them they are now 5 minutes away from me. Literally on my way to work.

A huge thank you to my boss who drove his truck down and helped me move them!! Sophie and Spud loaded and travelled like old pros as usual. Goldrush who has only ever been on a horse float once and never a truck surprised me by walking straight on after the tiniest hesitation. So proud of my little baby!!!
Also to finish here is a couple of photos of me and my work mate Stevie galloping a couple of our young pretrainers yesterday.

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