Thursday, June 9, 2016

Race day!!

Today was a big day at work, asides from all the usual, riding, working with babies etc etc etc, we had 8 horses racing. Two of which were my favourites.
Of course, my favourite filly to ride in the mornings, Road To Rock (race name Art Deco).

She is honestly the sweetest racehorse I know. Always nickers when she sees me and is so nice to ride. I can breeze her with a loose rein.
Today she came second in a tough field, for her third start.

My other favourite filly Big Darcy, named because she is literally the biggest horse we have (race name Conflagration), was going to be sent away unless she redeemed herself today. And she really stepped up, and she ran so well also coming second.

Proud of these girls!! 

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