Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Melody at the Hawkes Bay Individuals.

4Last weekend was probably the biggest weekend of Melody's life.
It started with a 5 and 1/2 hour trip over to Hawkes Bay.
Dad and I who was driving us were so proud of how she did. She had a hay net and two stops for water but asides from that she stood very quietly the whole time without fussing.
We arrived a day early so she didn't do very much asides from hand grazing, a small ride around the showgrounds and chilling in her stall.
Saturday brought a long day of competition and lots of scary things to figure out. Like the big speakers with loud music right outside the arena. They make for an awesome competition atmosphere but as we were cantering past the speakers the sound changes and all the people etc were to scary so for the first few races there was quite a lot of running backwards or sideways away from it.
As the competition went on the better she got.
Sunday was another full day of competition. We had a few bridle issues in the first session but we fixed them.
Melody seemed to take the whole thing in her stride. I didn't push or rush her. We came 5th out of 5 riders but we were only there for the experience - and it was a good experience for her.
Here are some photos :)

 photo DSCF0047_zpsa52f2d99.jpg
Blue stuff :)
 photo DSCF0051_zpscc3b8c36.jpg
We trotted a lot of the races but there were some where we got up a good canter
 photo DSCF0053_zps307ab3c6.jpg
Bank race
 photo DSCF0067_zps272028f7.jpg
Triple flag
 photo DSCF0081_zps0bd9ccd9.jpg
Not sure what this race was
 photo DSCF0070_zps0a169f43.jpg
With a fellow competitor/mate

Photo: Success at Hawks Bay
5th place

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Lopoks like a great first outing.