Monday, January 13, 2014

Area games 2014

At the last minute I got called up asking to be apart of the team for the Area pony club games. Pony club games are a lot different to mounted games but a lot of them are similar - so I thought I may as well get out, after all the more experience the better.

So on Saturday I floated Poppy to teams training and then she spent the night at the coaches house.
On Sunday was the competition.
As well as being in a team I was also part of the pairs competition that afternoon.
Our team came in 4th and my pair came in 5th. Poppy was such a good girl :) Here are a few photos.

 photo 1040411_10202940629660411_532073446_o_zpsdfedffe5.jpg
My team
 photo 1490812_10202940372773989_1015953685_o_zps35f4a8c9.jpg

 photo 1531685_10202940344133273_1143238892_o_zps3dc76aeb.jpg
And again

 photo 1548001_10202940328332878_4712044_o_zps65c64c9e.jpg
Ball and racket

 photo 1606261_10202940552138473_1270523729_o_zps50bc1f4f.jpg
Pony Pairs
 photo 1014493_10202940373013995_650243038_o_zpseda07943.jpg
Gallop home :)


L.Williams said...

Congrats, how fun!

SprinklerBandit said...

You are so balanced and coordinated. Love it!